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What level of risk management is used in the workplace?

Risk management is a crucial part of any workplace environment. No matter what industry you are working in, there will always be a level of risk in anything you do. In healthcare, this may be to a patient's safety whereas, in finance, this could be in loss of information or a crash in share prices. In teaching, it could relate [...]

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How risk management improves the quality of software

Over the past few years we have seen companies place an increasing reliance upon software, not only for conducting day to day tasks, but for completing critical operations that are vital to the progress of their business. With software playing such a vital role, it means there is a greater importance when it comes to risk management. If you consider [...]

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How risk management affects different functions

The uncertain economic, political and social landscape make it imperative for all organisations to be aware, responsive and flexible to risk management, across all departments and functions. Threats to an organisation’s ability to do business smoothly and profitably can come from both external and internal factors. Staying one step ahead has never been more vital, but organisations also need to [...]

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The impact of legislation on risk management processes

The process of managing risk is influenced by many factors including personnel, data protection and financial constraints. One aspect which is just as important is legislation. The laws which are passed each year can have a dramatic impact on how your organisation is able to operate. New techniques and insights may be required in order to fully comply with new [...]

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How does risk management affect stakeholders in healthcare?

The economic climate in which we currently find ourselves in continually forces healthcare organisations to evaluate and re-evaluate their operational efficiency. Ensuring they are not making a loss, and ideally maximising profits, has long since been the main priority of business objectives. There are very few organisations who can survive on a long-term basis without, at the very least, meeting [...]

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Project risk management – a practical implementation approach

Risk management is crucial to any successful workplace; in putting strategies in place to minimise and manage risk, there is a much higher chance of ensuring projects run smoothly, productivity is kept high and professional standards are maintained. But what is 'project risk management'? Project risk management explained Essentially, project risk management is a case of planning for and preventing [...]

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How the composite risk management process should be reflected

We all know that risk management is about identifying, assessing and prioritising risks and hazards in the workplace in order to come up with a process and strategy that ensures these problems either don't happen or, if they do, that they can be handled and managed effectively in a way that will ensure lessons are learned. But what is [...]

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Risk management in healthcare – what is the purpose?

Within every workplace, risk management plays a key role in helping organisations understand the risks they may face, the chances of them occurring, the impact they would have and how they can be controlled. It is not possible to stop every accident or risk from occurring, but having steps in place to minimise the damage should something happen can [...]

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Risk Assessment Template

Risk assessments are hard enough as it is but fear not, here we have a handy risk assessment template to help you with your company risk assessments. The following template is exactly what we have inside the RiskMate system and is an example of a live risk. You can download an MS Word template at the bottom. Risk Assessment Template [...]

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