Frequently Asked Questions

Some common frequently asked questions

Risk Methodology

We feel RiskMate™ provides a user friendly solution based on recognised three lines of defence theory, and as a result can be integrated with the need for independent assurance, particularly in the form of internal audit planning.

RiskMate™ offers a flexible solution to the profiling, prioritisation and tracking of your organisations risk environment.

Critically, it can be aligned with the Board Assurance Framework and therefore allows at a glance evidence of that which is both within and outside of the established risk appetite.

The methodology is based on the three lines of defence theory and is fully flexible. This allows recording of both inherent and residual risk in order to demonstrate effective risk management through establishing appropriate policies, key controls and assurances.

This demonstrates that residual risk evaluations can be supported and are therefore fully transparent.

The system has unique features which provide for third parties to use a dedicated portal to report incidents or whistle-blowing in a manner that ensures confidentiality and effective reporting to a nominated authorised manager.

The establishment of effective policies and procedures represents a fundamental aspect of a transparent scheme of delegation from the Board to the Chief Executive.

The repository allows storage and management of the organisations approach to governance, evidence of how risk is mitigated and managed as well as a reminder system to ensure that review and update is handled on a timely basis.

Data & Security

Yes, we take data security very seriously. Only you and any users you add have access to your data.

Plus, when you are logged in the connection is encrypted using industry standard SSL (the padlock icon in your browser address bar).

Please view our data protection policy for more information.

No. Our software is 100% web-based. You can access it via any modern device and an internet connection.

Yes. You may export your data at any time.

Yes. You can open a support ticket from any page.

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