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Project Risk Assessment

How often does your management team stand back and ask the question – could we do this differently or even why are we doing this at all? Risk assessment for your projects will provide a view regarding whether the business may be more successful if different strategies were adopted.

Every organisation whether operating in the commercial, public or voluntary sector faces change of both an internal and external nature; as a result, it must consider how it will react in order to ensure that it:

  • Achieves desired performance levels or intended improvements.
  • Maintains client focussed services
  • Focuses on efficient and effective service provision that through cost reduction.

The consequences of getting risk assessments for your projects wrong can however themselves be costly and even cause the downfall of the project, if not the organisation if unbearable financial or reputational risk is encountered.

Effective risk management

Successful organisations may well undertake continuous review in a structured and coordinated approach to actively supporting the achievement of corporate objectives and operational targets, however more often than not there is a tendency to rely on past practice.

Deciding to change however brings with it a spectrum of project management risks for which a robust assessment at an early stage is essential before time and resource implications become too onerous.

The deployment of risk assessment software uk is considered an essential tool therefore within risk management as it allows online risk assessment in real time. Members of the project management team and potential systems users can contribute thoughts and assessments of risk that can then be considered on a virtual basis or when Review Group meetings are convened.

Risk Management for Projects within Business Transformation

In these instances, undertaking a Business Transformation Project represents an opportunity to react to changing circumstances whether this be through reduced funding, increased competition or the introduction of advanced technology and drive a coordinated, outcome focused and effective cross organisational review.

Essential however though that risk assessments for projects considers priorities, sensitivities, wider business environment risks or even cost/time consuming aspects of the organisation that have most impact on delivering the organisations objectives for change at a strategic or operational level.

Gateway can provide a Business Transformation team that can partner your organisation and bring their experience of helping clients to articulate their future aspirations, identify the key business drivers, success factors and existing barriers with a view to helping to determine anticipated targets and the benefits that might be expected from doing this differently at a strategic or operation level.

Conducting risk assessments is therefore an essential feature of any business transformation project as it identifies where the organisation wishes to go and then considers what will stop it getting there.

Getting it right will ensure that the project is well managed from the initial review to ultimately supporting delivery of those changes which the project addresses across the organisation with demonstrable benefits.

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