risk reporting tools

An integrated solution for management of third-party reporting

Customer facing applications for prompting and supporting engagement with customers and the community represent an increasingly important aspect of fulfilling and demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility and stakeholder engagement.

Good news then when a single application delivers your needs and integrates them within a risk management platform.

RiskMate provides a practically unique solution to your organisations needs by providing a portal -based reporting tool regarding;

  • Complaints Handling,
  • Incident reporting and administration,
  • Whistleblowing, and
  • Freedom of Information requests.

Through use of a common portal on your organisation’s website, RiskMate allows third parties to report events and concerns as a basis for commencing engagement with the appropriate manager within your organisation, maintaining confidentiality where this is appropriate. The portal dashboard can be configured to allow access to reporting screens which provide:

Complaint’s handling

Responding to complaints in an efficient and effective manner not only helps to satisfy concerns but it represents a critical part of an organisations learning culture. The RiskMate complaints handling module demonstrates that your organisation is listening to the complainant, demonstrating recognition of and commitment to the importance of bringing the matter to your attention.

Once recorded in the portal the application transfers details of the complaint in the system, directing the matter to the relevant managers attention which will enable consideration of the detail and understanding of exactly what the problem is.

Using the app, the Complaints Manager can then begin to discuss options for fixing the problem, record actions and provide feedback allowing the organisation to keep its promises in compliance with any complaints policy which exists. Where trends emerge the Complaint Management dashboard will help identify issues allowing these to be escalated, where appropriate, to the risk management system.

Incident reporting and administration

Supporting the incident reporting policy with an application which allows transparent reporting and administration of the event is an essential feature of both responding on a priority basis to the incident as well as enabled learning. The policy will have established that the organisation is committed to enforcing all health and safety and quality service guidelines no-matter what sector your organisation operates in.

Incidents are inevitable, responding to them on a case by this case basis through use of the website-based portal will ensure that events are recorded, reported to the appropriate manager, investigated promptly and properly. Action tracking will then ensure that preventative measures are agreed and implemented ensuring that appropriate closure can be evidenced.

Where trends emerge RiskMate will help identify issues using its reporting dashboard allowing these to be escalated, where appropriate, to the risk management system.


Is increasingly recognised as an important feature of demonstrating an open and transparent governance framework exists within an organisation. Providing an accessible and user-friendly portal that allows stakeholders to disclose information about wrongdoing in the workplace, in a confidential manner where this is appropriate, provides commitment to a culture of good governance.

The RiskMate Whistleblowing portal allows stakeholders to highlight possible unlawful activities, failure to comply with legal obligations or reporting on risks relating to quality, harm to environment or an individual’s safety in a straight-forward report format.

The app then escalates the matter to the nominated Whistleblowing Manager for appropriate action in a confidential manner.

Freedom of Information (FoI) requests

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities. It does this in two ways – firstly public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities and members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities. FoI’s must be made in writing either by letter, email, social media or an online form – RiskMate provides a portal on the organisation’s website that allows the request to be submitted, reported to the FoI Manager who can then allocate, track research and verify an appropriate response is provided in accordance with the organisations approved procedures.

There may be good advice which suggests not having ‘all your eggs in one basket’ but on this occasion gathering information which complements effective risk management all on the same application will help support strong and transparent governance.

If your organisation has doubts about your current approach – why not have a look at RiskMate? A free 30-day trial is available or alternatively request a virtual demonstration of the application when our consultant will be able to advise upon bespoke implementation and as a result how RiskMate will help you identify significant risks, act on issues and demonstrate your organisation is in control.