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Spring 2021 Updates

The following updates were made recently:


We have added the following new system permissions:

  • View Archived Risks
  • Archive Risks
  • View Archived Projects
  • Archive Projects
  • View Archived Incidents
  • Archive Incidents
  • View Archived FOI Requests
  • Archive FOI Requests
  • View Archived Complaints
  • Archive Complaints
  • View Archived Whistleblowing
  • Archive Whistleblowing

New Fields

  • Lessons learned has been added to Complaints, Incidents and Whistleblowing
  • Inherent Financial Value and Residual Financial Value have been added to Risks
  • Default Currency has been added to the Business Details (used for the new fields for Financial Value on Risks)
  • Whistleblowing has been added as an option on the Manager Roles

Bug Fixes

If you have the “Update Assurances” permission, you can now access the Assurances link under the Setup menu.

The Control Value field in the Changed Risks Report export is now not blank

The new permissions added in update 1.17.5 now save correctly when you modify the permission group.

Notifications to your Manager Roles now work correctly when Complaints/Incidents/FOI/Whistleblowing are entered via your Portal