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Spring 2022 Updates – Extra

The following updates were made recently:


The following header text has been changed:

  • “Risk Reviews Due” has been changed to “Formal Risk Reviews Due”
  • “Risk Actions Due” has been changed to “Mitigating Risk Actions Due”
  • “Project Tasks” has been changed to “Project Tasks Due”
  • “Incident Tasks” has been changed to “Live Incident Tasks”
  • “Complaint Actions” has been changed to “Live Complaint Tasks”

The Risk Actions Due table now shows the review date colour coded as per the Risk Reviews Due (Yellow/Red).


The review date in the risk reports now also uses the same colour codes.

On the risk reports, incident reports and complaints reports there is now a new option to list all actions due.

You can now sort the results by clicking on the table columns.

Bug fix – The risk ratings changed report now lists the correct control value for the risks.

On the policies report, you can now select “All Dates” in the “Review Due Within” option.


Once a risk has been added, you can no longer change the assessment date of that risk.