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Whistleblowing features and new portals


We are pleased to announce a new feature to RiskMate – Whistleblowing.

Like incidents, whistleblowing now has its own section on the main menu, and has been integrated into the portals. We’ve also added a new report for Whistleblowing under the Reports menu.


If you currently use the portal (where non RiskMate users can log Complaints, FOI Requests & Incidents), the new Whistleblowing section has also been added here. Non users can report Whistleblowing incidents choosing to remain anonymous if they wish.

User Permissions

Along with the new Whistleblowing section, we have added new permissions to match. You can now add the following new permissions to your Permission Groups:

  • View Whistleblowing
  • Add Whistleblowing
  • Update Whistleblowing
  • Delete Whistleblowing
  • Close Whistleblowing

User Interface Updates

We have also made some subtle updates to the UI, such as making the date picker popup start on Monday instead of Sunday, so it matches the Calendar.


We have fixed a bug whereby when you replace a policy with a new version, then click the Download Policy button, the old version is downloaded. Now, when you replace a policy you always download the latest version.

This fix is only for policy updates made from this point on.


You can now click on the policy links in the calendar and it will open the policy details so you can view/download/update right from the calendar page.

We’ve also updated the colours of the events on the Calendar, so it is easier to differentiate between them.

New Fields

We have also added a “Reported By” field to Risks, Incidents and Complaints. This is useful so you can add which internal user reported the item, if applicable.


Finally, this update includes a new newsletter. Register your details in the form below to be notified when we add new features and updates to the system.