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Winter 2022 Updates

The following updates were made recently:

Incident Categories

You can now add definitions to your Incident Categories. When you are adding a new Incident, and you select a category, the definitions you enter will be shown to the user.


New “Outstanding Tasks” report option added for:

  • Complaints
  • Incidents
  • FOI
  • Whistleblowing

On the Risk Reports, there is now a column showing the movement (up, down or the same) in the last 30 days for each Risk.


New field added for Risks – Lessons Learned.

Bug fix – If you have “Show Financial Values on Risks” turned off, the finance fields are now not shown when you are adding a new Risk.

When viewing the “Movements” tab on a Risk, when you click the “Export” button, the movement text (up/down) is now included in the exported file.

Risk Categories

When you are adding new Risk Categories, the definitions now match the definitions you have set in your Risk Matrix.